SGAB Edition 6

$30.00 / €27.00

Limited edition of 400 copies

Design and Production: Rice Creative

Project Manager: Maria Sowter

Editorial Assistant: K. Knüpfer

Photographers: Alexander McMillan

Published by Tre Publishing House
14.5 cm x 20.5 cm

Printed in Vietnam

September 2016
ISBN: 978-604-1-09244-0

Photo credit: inpages - an independent art publisher based in Saigon, Vietnam

' Saigonese artist Nguyen Duc Diem Quynh (b.1988) studied fine art at HCMC Fines Arts Association and later architecture at HCMC University of Architecture, graduating in 2007 and 2012. Since 2010 Quỳnh has worked with a range of mixed media in both solo and group exhibitions around Saigon. Her showings in alternative art spaces, such Sao La Gallery and Zero Station, demonstrates the vanguard nature of her conceptual work in Vietnam. 

features five artists:

Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ, Bảo Zoãn, Quỳnh Lâm,

Nathan Larson, and Kumkum Fernando; 

three Vietnamese, one Canadian, and one

Sri Lankan, all living and working in Saigon.

Curated by Shyevin S’ng of Vin Gallery,

the exhibition features an eclectic range of installation, photography, origami, painting, and print works. Produced over the last year, their works are all, directly or indirectly, related to Saigon. Nathan’s prints draw directly from the infamous traffic, whilst Kumkum and Quỳnh both incorporate materials found around the city. Alternatively, Bảo and Vũ use their work as a lens, literally and metaphorically, to document societal and cultural histories relevant not only in Saigon, but throughout Vietnam.

Encouraged by her uncle and inspired by his career as an obstetrician, Quỳnh’s work explores pregnancy, labour and birth with both a scientific and a creative lens. Her unashamed focus on such non-traditional subject matter is an admirable challenge of entrenched cultural reservations concerning notions of femininity in contemporary Vietnam. Using organic materials such as mushrooms, peaches, and orchids, Quỳnh experiments with distilling and fermenting natural matter to investigate colour, texture, and form. So whilst Quỳnh’s work is animated by ideas surrounding the creation of life, it is equally concerned with the processes of decomposition that appear at a cellular level. Seeing these materials, manipulated and abstracted, the viewer is left curious about ideas of conception, both artistic and reproductive.'

Maria Sowter (London, United Kingdom)