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Contre-culture dans

laPhotographie Contemporaine

Hard cover

22 cm x 28 cm

304 pages

59 €

Printed in France

October 2022

"By reconnecting with the tangible, photography enters a period of transition. This book reveals the vitality of a new aspect of contemporary photographic creation. For a generation, many photographers have indeed nurtured original practices, concerned with ethics and ecology. Far from embodying marginal experiences, these alternatives on the contrary form a powerful groundswell.
Some artists thus value old processes, a slow temporality and forms of co-creation. Many appropriate vernacular archives by hybridizing photography with manual arts such as collage and embroidery. Still others amplify photography through installations.
Activism and poetry mingle to propose worlds where it is a question of materiality, gesture, reconciliation and resilience: it is in the body of photography that artists seek to reread the world and invent new ones, through utopias where the imagination makes it possible to go beyond the cult of images. By reconnecting with the tangible, photography enters a period of transition."

                                                                                                                                                                   Michael Poivert

Book published with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Antoine de Galbert Foundation.
Editions Textuel - Livre - Contre-culture dans la photographie contemporaine

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