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Peripheral Memories

ISBN 978-88-85738-12-6

B#S Memorabilia

B#S Editions

176 pages

Printed in Italy


"Peripheral Memories is a project that aims to de-construct, re-elaborate and re-construct in a collective key the memory of the territories of the extreme north-eastern border (the Julian Alps and the Karst, the Udine foothills and the Isonzo), investigating both the theme of industrial absence and disinvestment, and the history of those productive realities still present in the main sectors that have always characterized the region. Thanks to the medium of contemporary art, these socio-economic contradictions and vicissitudes are represented through the bodies of the artists and their works, resulting from the encounter with the territory and its inhabitants."

“Worthy of memory” but, by their very constitution, the exhibitions and the museum installations are volatile and ephemeral: the seriesMemorabilia is born in response to this, its purpose is to reintroduce through illustrated volumes the most significant paths within the contemporary artistic landscape.

The two dimensions of the printed book lose many of the possibilities of fruition of the concrete work: therefore the goal of the series is to work specifically on the graphic design of the volume to restore part of the richness that is lost and at the same time to offer a new perspective on the artwork that exalts new possibilities of consumption and reception. Captions and scolia complete the offer, giving a critical dimension of absolute importance.

Works of high impact on topics and subjects consistent with those of the B#Side War festival (the importance of memory, tolerance, respect for diversity, twentieth-century wars, Renaissance and Baroque culture, contemporary art) shall be preferred."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Chiara Isadora Artico

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